Security Health Checks – London

Our Business Security Health Checks will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s IT security controls, and measure them against best practice.

Our Security Health Check service is a great option for businesses in London that want an independent, expert view of their security status. UK businesses lose over £2bn per month due to cyber attacks, email scams and other security threats. Make sure you are protected by having a simple review of your business practices and IT setup.

Find your vulnerabilities and learn what you can do about them.

Security Posture Analysis

Improve your business security defences and its ability to react as the situation changes through our comprehensive security posture assessment.

Health checks, or to give it it’s proper name, Security Posture Analysis, is a means by which you can understand how well your organisation is dealing with matters of security given the threat landscape.

Research shows that cyber criminals target businesses the most as they can often be easy targets for stealing customer and employee data or even bank details. How well protected is your business from cyber threats? Our cyber security experts have been in the industry for many years and are extremely experienced at performing in depth security health checks on businesses in and around the London area.

Our experts examine every corner of your business to determine:

  • What assets (hard and soft) are most valuable to you
  • What are the potential threats to those assets
  • What are you currently doing to protect them
  • What vulnerabilities exist
  • What could you do to better protect them
  • Whether they are cost-effective based on the value of the assets

Security Posture Assessment.

It is very easy for a business to throw money at a problem that doesn’t exist. All too often we see implementations of software and hardware that, while nice to have, simply don’t meet the needs of the business, and usually end up in developing a raft of frustrated users, increasing complexity, stretching IT departments and degrading efficiency.

Security Loves Simplicity.

Our view is: Security Loves Simplicity.

Used to seeing these scenarios, our consultants are able to cut through the fog to get a clear view of what is really important, and create a plan that meets real objectives based on actual needs.

Our analysis is based on hundreds of pre-determined audit points that have been identified and documented over time. We identify and examine attack surfaces, discover potential risks and vulnerabilities and deliver a report and recommendations. We can also perform full risk analysis to build a detailed business case based on industry-standard calculations.

Knowledge is power, but it is often surprising how little you know when it comes to security posture. Did you know for instance that 90% of all data breaches are a result of human error (Kaspersky 2019) or that in 2018 Hiscox found that small businesses are targeted by an estimated 65,000 cyber attacks every day. The stakes really are high, and yet business operators are often oblivious.

With starting prices in the hundreds, rather than thousands, a simple security health check for a business in London isn’t as expensive as you might think, but the cost of not evaluating where you stand could be huge, that has to be worth an enquiry!

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