The face of business is changing

As the face of business is changing amid recent events, a number of security questions have surfaced for many businesses. Many of them had no Business Continuity Plans (BCP) in place, and effectively rushed out of the door carrying their laptop and pen. But whilst this was seen as a natty solution to an emergency, it has unwittingly opened the door to a whole raft of insecurities that had never existed previously.

Businesses need to do business, period! The IT and security systems around any business should be built to not only protect, but also to aid in the safe delivery of the required services that actively help the business to function efficiently and safely. This is why planning is key, planning that many failed to embark on before they left.

Now that there are more people working from home than ever, it is even more essential that you consider having your systems audited for security purposes and regulatory compliance.

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The face of business is changing


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